Saturday, August 21, 2010

Swarna Hansa - the symbol of discernment

Culture itself is the whole way of life of a people. The national culture of this country was developed over a very long period of more than two millennia, based on the judicious utilization of the country's environment with a compulsory accent on preservation rather than exploitation of natural resources. Its factors of production were utilized in harmony with nature so that one generation of people always left the nation's resources for the next generation, the one after that and to infinitum.

The culture - the way of life of the people was almost a sacred one which they believed would ensure the natural resources and whatever benefited the life would last till the sun and moon last.
Preservation of all forms of natural life was practiced with due respect to the environment, so that preservation of national culture itself was the preservation and protection of their life as well the life of future generations. That was the noble but difficult task of the Swarna Hansa Foundation.
In this task the Swarna Hansa Foundation had a small group of committed people who dedicated themselves for the cause.
Adopting a practical method, our strategy was to use every possible contact with people at the local, grassroots, national and international level to convince them of imminent dangers of globalism and paramount importance of preserving their sacred way of living, which was a time tested culture.
Following Swarna Hansa Foundation's two track programme to stop 'undevelopment' and continue with development that will safeguard the national culture and the environment of the country we have been committed to initiate and implement activities that enhances the life of local communities. We have worked to stop the use of pesticides and chemicals that harm the environment and health of people, to stop consumption of tobacco and cigarettes that deteriorate the health and well-being of people, to restore the ancient irrigation system through conserving tanks to enable systematic agriculture and to safeguard the culture and national lifestyle of the people in Sri Lanka.

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